Marvel's The Avengers Art of Geek Challenge | April 2018

April's Theme: Marvel's Avengers

April's theme for the Art of Geek Challenge was Marvel's The Avengers. Participants had the entire month of April to create something inspired by the Marvel Avengers universe.

Check out the hashtag #aogavengers to view all the Instagram posts for April's challenge.

First Place:

Baby Groot carving by @beardedcrabworkshop.

Second Place:

Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet carving by @cyclocrosscutter.

Third Place:

Baby Groot 3D Printed planter by @nerdymaker.

Other Entries:

Star Lord painting by @toyscrafts_legobits.
Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet tongs by @thepiworkshop.
Captain America's shield by @snjwoodworks.
Star Lord's mask by @pazzy_pixel_crafts.
Baby Groot artwork by @spoonycreations.
Thanos Chakra Stones Wall Hanging by @maras.jaded.opinion.
Avengers themed storage coffee table by @rowland_custom_woodworking.


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