Blaster Build-Off Art of Geek Challenge | May 2018

May's Theme: Blaster Build-Off

May's theme for the Art of Geek Challenge was Blaster Build-Off in honor of the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Participants had the entire month of May to create something inspired by the blasters from the Star Wars universe.

Check out the hashtag #aogblaster to view all the Instagram posts for May's challenge.

First Place:

Greedo and Han's blasters frozen in carbonite by @beardedcrabworkshop.
Art of Geek Challenge Official Entry for May: Star Wars Blasters. What you see here is Greedo and Han Solo’s blasters frozen in Carbonite. They are designed to be the size of the original props. I always wondered what happened to Han’s blaster after Darth Vader yanked it out of his hand. My thought is that Boba Fett got Greedo’s gun while he was on Tatooine and then froze it with Han’s gun as a test before they used the machine on Han. Boba hung it in his ship as a little joke that only he was in on. I hand carved these blasters out of wood with a @dremel and @flexcut_tools . The whole thing was given several coats of paint and it’s lit with battery powered LEDs. I hope you like it, voting starts tomorrow. #aogblaster #artofgeekchallenge #starwars #starwarsblaster #scifiart #fantasyart #props #movieprops #soloastarwarsstory #solo #cosplay #fanfiction #mancave #mancavedecor #homedecor #woodworking #wood #sculpture #flexcuttools #geekart
A post shared by Greg Reed (@beardedcrabworkshop) on

Second Place:

A longboard with wood burned blasters by @npuscus.
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for fifteen blasters at your side. Here’s my official entry into the @artofgeekchallenge #aogblaster challenge Took me a few hours over a couple of nights to get all of these blasters burnt onto the @roarockit maple veneer. I used their #thinairpress and a foam mold to press this board. I might have to find a place to hang this in the shop. I don’t know if I can justify riding it until I forget about the hand cramps. I’m still trying to decide on what colour trucks and wheels I should throw on this. I’m open to suggestions! Can anyone point out the inspiration for the racing stripe? __________ #yqrmakers #yqr #diy #madeincanada #madeinregina #madeinsaskatchewan #saskmade #yxe #saskatchewan #woodworking #wood #garagewoodshop #wooddesign #rodandplank #basementwoodshop #makersgonnamake #longboard #longboarding #longboardbuilding #roarockit #skateboard #customlongboards #starwars #hansolo #hansolomovie #maytheforcebewithyou #woodburning #pyrography
A post shared by Nathan Puscus (@npuscus) on

Third Place:

Han Solo's blaster made from a variety of hardwoods by @erikswoodshop.

Other Entries:

Han Solo's blaster 3D printed with steel PLA and esun wood grips by @bradyhoover_designs.
LEGO scale Han Solo blaster made from polymer clay by @little_world_of_april.


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