The Lord of the Rings Art of Geek Challenge | January 2018

January's Theme: The Lord of the Rings

January's theme for the Art of Geek Challenge was The Lord of the Rings. Participants had the entire month of January to create something inspired by Tolkien's universe (this includes The Hobbit and material from The Silmarillion).

Check out the hashtag #aoglotr to view all the Instagram posts for January's challenge.

First Place:

The One Ring by @kamikazewoodwerks.

Second Place:

The key to the secret door into the Lonely Mountain by @cyclocrosscutter.

CLICK HERE to watch the build video on YouTube.

Third Place:

Gates of Moria wood carving by @carvings4gamers.

Other Entries:

Gandalf portrait made from Hama beads by @pazzy_pixel_crafts.

Gandalf's pipe by @without_warning_woodcrafts.

Middle Earth map bottle art by @turbosbazaar.

Unofficial Entries:

This is an unofficial entry because it was created by one of the co-organizers for the Art of Geek Challenge.

Thror throne deck docking station by @iamthebeardlessman.

February's theme is The Legend of Zelda!


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