Star Wars Art of Geek Challenge | December 2017

The Art of Geek Challenge is a monthly, just for fun, geek-themed maker challenge inspired by movies, tv shows, comic books and more. 

December's Theme

December's theme for the Art of Geek Challenge was Star Wars coinciding with the release of The Last Jedi. Participants had the entire month of December to create something inspired by the Star Wars universe. 

Check out the hashtag #aogstarwars to view all the Instagram posts for December's challenge.

Winners for the challenge are determined by top votes from the community.

First Place:

 AT-AT rocker by @lumberwolfwoodwork.

Second Place: 

 A wooden replica of Skywalker's Lightsaber by @garrett.slezak.

CLICK HERE to view @garrett.slezak's build video of Skywalker's lightsaber.

Well, here it is. My official submission post for the #aogstarwars challenge for December. It's a replica of Rey's Lightsaber (aka Skywalker's Lightsaber) complete with a detachable blade that glows in the dark! Check out my YouTube Channel on how I built it! (Link in bio) Thank you so much for the support and excitement shown while I was building it. I'm looking forward to all the fun projects I want to make in 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR! . . . . . . #starwars #lightsaber #starwarsfan #thelastjedi #theforceawakens #newyearseve #reystarwars #lukeskywalker #lightsabers #geek #geekmaking #geeky #nerdallert #build #crafttheforce #starwarsdaily #starwarslife #Woodworking #woodwork #wood #sawdust #make #create #maker #woodwork_feature #handmade #alongtimeagoinagalaxyfarfaraway #woodenprops #moviereplica @starwars @starwarsdaily @starwarslife @starwarsmovies @craft_the_force @disney
A post shared by Lionhead Creative Woodworking (@garrett.slezak) on

Third Place:

 A woodturned replica Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from Episode VI by @cyclocrosscutter.

CLICK HERE to view @cyclocrosscutter's build video of the lightsaber.

Other Entries:

Double live edge cherry slab with wood burned yin yang of the Force by @pursuitofhappymess.

Star Wars coaster set hand sketched and wood burned by @overallsandpowersaws.

A BB-8 snowman sculpture by @makeit_soph.

CLICK HERE to watch @makeit_soph's build video.

Star Wars themed bottle opener and catch by @hesitanthandyman.

Star Wars themed growth chart by @pinksoulstudios.

Star Wars themed dress by @craftswithellen.

CLICK HERE to watch @craftswithellen's build video.

Star Wars themed hanging towel and oven mitts set by @twoemucreations.

Star Wars themed sign by @cutthroat_woodworks.

This is the Apprentice’s gift from the #cutthroatwoodworks shop this Christmas. The @shapeoko is a major blessing to our family. As is requisite with blessings, major lessons and humility are sure to follow. Here are a few lessons in humility that I’ve learned: 1. Feedrates are not for my meager mind to mess with - too fast = major fuzzies and more work. Probably won’t guess at that again. 2. Pine is porous. More porous than pumice so it feels. Even with clear coat protection paint bleeds through the grain. Probably won’t do that again 3. Sanding spray paint is a mess. And boy can it clog the paper. Even 24 hours after spraying and drying. Probably won’t do that again. 4. Never give up. Never never give up. No matter how frustrating things are or steep the learning curve seems to be there are lessons hidden therein. Now I’ll probably find smarter, more informed and more experienced resources to move forward. Probably? I’ll definitely do that! 5. Stay on target! .......... #stateoftheshopsaturday #stateoftheshopsaturdayonasunday #nevergiveup #shapeoko3xxl #carbidecreate #carbidemotion #cncmachining #stayontarget #starwars #xwing #theregoesa100packofsandpaper #orangeboogers #santashelperisadufus #learningtospeakcncishard #aogstarwars
A post shared by Scott Kershaw (@cutthroat_woodworks) on


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