Thor Art of Geek Challenge | October 2017

The Art of Geek Challenge is a monthly, just for fun, geek-themed maker challenge inspired by movies, tv shows, comic books and more. 

October's Theme: Thor

October's theme for the Art of Geek Challenge was Thor coinciding with the new release of Thor Ragnarok.  Participants had the entire month of October to create something inspired by the Thor universe.

Check out the hashtag #aogthor to view all the Instagram posts for October's challenge.

Winners for the challenge are determined by top votes from the community.

First Place:

Mjolnir by @cyclocrosscutter.

CLICK HERE to watch @cyclocrosscutter's build video on YouTube.

Second Place:

Thor battling a giant serpent by @pursuitofhappymess.

Third Place:

Thor's gladiator swords by @garret.slezak.

CLICK HERE to watch @garret.slezak's build video on YouTube.

A post shared by Lionhead Creative Woodworking (@garrett.slezak) on

Other Entries:

Thor's hammer toilet brush by @nerdymaker.  

CLICK HERE Check out @nerdymaker's Instructable on how to build one for your bathroom.

The Mighty Thor sign by @sawdustisfun.

The Mighty Thor pen by @hanna_handicraft.

 The Mighty Thor-ffalo by @family_guy_diy.


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