Star Trek Art of Geek Challenge | September 2017

The Art of Geek Challenge is a monthly, just for fun, geek-themed maker challenge inspired by movies, tv shows, comic books and more. 

September's Theme: Star Trek

September's theme for the Art of Geek Challenge was Star Trek in honor of Star Trek's return to the television screen.  Participants had the entire month of September to create something inspired by the Star Trek universe.

Check out the hashtag #aogstartrek to view all the Instagram posts for September's challenge.

Winners for the challenge are determined by top votes from the community.

Tie for First Place

@wood_chip_liz and @dswoodworkingco tie for first place!

Star Trek Tire swing by @wood_chip_liz:

Klingon d'k tahg by @dswoodworkingco:

Second Place:

Star Trek Coffee Sign by @pursuitofhappyness:

Third Place:

Klingon Jejtaj by @garrett.slezak:

Other Entries:

TOS Enterprise from Reclaimed Pallet Wood by @fierysquirrelart:

Live Long and Prosper sign by @hanna_handicraft:

Star Trek Starfleet Insignia Bandsaw Box by @handmadewithashley:

I finished my second bandsaw box. πŸ™Œ Star Trek themed for this month's @artofgeekchallenge. πŸ€“πŸ–– I was able to avoid a few mistakes that I made on my first box but in the process I made many new mistakes. πŸ˜… I really like the design of this box and if time permits this weekend I want to make a second version with hopefully fewer errors. πŸ˜‰ It doesn't show up well in the picture but the base has a galaxy themed paint job. 🌌Check out the hashtag #aogstartrek to see more Star Trek themed projects too! 😊 . #bandsawbox #bandsawboxes #box #woodenbox #woodenboxes #woodworker #woodworking #dowoodworking #wood #MFPbeautyshot #startrek #geek #geekcraft #geekcrafts #nerd #nerdcrafts #nerdcraft #makeitso #engage #livelongandprosper #startrekdiscovery #startrektheoriginalseries #thenextgeneration #maker #makersgonnamake #makeallthethings #lessonslearned #artofgeekchallenge
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Star Trek CNC Sign by @geeksmithing:

Vulcan Calligraphy Cross-stitch by @drknottercreations:

Star Trek Pin / Brooch by @glitter_and_ducttape:

Klingon Bat'leth by @spitfirelabs:

Laser Cut Enterprise by @iamthebeardlessman:


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